About Fred

win_fred In 2015 I’ll be racing in the Formula Race Car Club of America’s East Coast Formula Car Championship and the Bill Scott Formula Car Series

I’m also currently accepting new students for one-on-one race coaching & driver development in and around Maryland. If you’re interested in developing your skills on the track, please contact me.

30 Years Motorsports Experience :: Racing & Performance Driver :: Race Team Management :: Driver Coaching :: Driver scout for Momentum Motorsports


 My Profile: Fred W. Schroeder, 6th

Personal: Born June 1951, Bronx, New York.
Accompanied my father to east coast club races as he raced his 1961 MGA MK11.
Background: 2005 & 2008 EMRA Champion
4 BASCC Auto Cross Championships in the early 1980’s.
2 SCCA Auto Cross Championships in the mid 1980’s.
Co-Organizer of AI/BASCC Auto Cross Schools in the early 1980’s.
Co-Organizer of the first ever High Speed Auto Cross held on the streets of downtown Baltimore in the mid 1980’s.
On Air driving talent for the renowned PBS television show “MotorWeek”, Late 1980’s to mid 1990’s
Driver scout for Momentum Motorsports
Licenses Held: Received SCCA Competition License March 29th, 1987.
Other Competition Licenses: EMRA [Eastern Motor Racing Association, FRCCA [Formula Race Car Club of America], HSR [Historic Sports Car Racing], SVRA [Sports Car Vintage Racing Association] FPR [Formula Pro Racing Series] and SCCA Hill Climb License.
Most Memorable Events: [1st] Being the first driver in 50 years to win a motorsports event [Solo 1 at night/under the lights] at the famed Cumberland Airport Complex with my daughter present in 2005. [2] Winning 2007 Zippo Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen.
Career: Owner of Schroeder & Associates Investigative Services for 25 years.


Competition Cars Owned/Driven:

1959 Bug Eye Sprite
1960 Bug Eye Sprite.
1961 Austin Healy 3000.
1967 Lotus Cortina.
1968 Triumph Spitfire.
1968 Lotus 51A Formula Ford.
1968 Mini Cooper
1971 Ford Pinto
1981 Crossle 45F. Formula Ford
1981 Ralt RT5 Super Vee
1988 Reynard F2000, F/C
1988 Swift SE3 F2000, F/C
1989 Van Diemen F2000, F/C
1990 Honda Civic Hatch
1990 Swift DB4 Pro Formula Atlantic
1994/5 Van Diemen Formula Continental



During my 30 years behind the wheel of high performance vehicles, I have encountered and survived any possible scenario you can think of and I still say these words often during the course of a race weekend (just a little bit faster, just another  couple tenths of a second, i wish i would have…)  Somewhere we all have that little card that tells us what to do for understeer / oversteer and pull it out when needed to adjust tire temperature or spring rates. There is no card or book we can carry onboard while driving a vehicle at it’s full potential, we must rely on experience and and be able to recall it without hesitation.

My goal is to share my experience, knowledge and passion for driving performance vehicles. All drivers who venture into this amazing world bring their own unique natural abilities and my job is to quickly identify and refine your talents, not to teach you how to change or do something you’re not comfortable with. We will also investigate pre-event preparation, things to do in between sessions and other techniques that will make the event more enjoyable.

Although I prefer to work 1 on 1 with drivers, I have developed a technique that allows me to work with multiple drivers if needed and look forward to being of service to you.

Available for Private Venues/Events, Test Days or Full Race Weekends. Contact me to learn more.