Why Get Driver Coaching From Fred Schroeder?


With this post, I want to give you some idea what my background is in motorsports.

I have been driving high-performance vehicles in competition since the early 1980’s and received my first competition license on March 29th, 1987 driving a 1961 Lotus 51A Formula Ford and winning my school race. Since then i have won multiple Club Racing Championships driving everything from a 90 HP front wheel drive Honda Civic to a 240 HP Swift Toyota Atlantic pro car. I have been a co-driver for a class winning team in a 24 hour Endurance Race.

So why should you come to me for race coaching and development?

I have taken 18 and 19 year old drivers [male and female] who have never driven manual transmissions to 1st Place Finishes on the same day at various different Race Tracks.


My approach to new and/or veteran racers is to not impress you with my skills and ability, but to refine your natural talent.


My goal is to share my experiences, knowledge and passion for driving performance vehicles. All drivers who venture into this amazing world bring their own unique natural abilities.  My job is to quickly identify and refine your talents, not to teach you how to change and or do something you’re not comfortable with. We will also investigate pre-event preparation, things to do in between sessions and other techniques that will make the event more enjoyable.


Although I prefer to work 1 on 1 with drivers, I have developed a technique that allows me to work with multiple drivers if needed and look forward to being of service to you.

I am available for private venues/events, test days or full race weekends. Let’s develop your edge over the competition.


FWS at BeaverRunYou can reach me by calling

(410) 596-6600.

Get in touch to discuss your driving experience and what you would like to accomplish on the track in 2015.

If you’re looking to get some race coaching in 2015, I recommend that you start early. Get a leg up on the competition and be ready before the season even starts.
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